As A Volunteer

Volunteers are a very important part of our Home Care team. You can support us in :

  1. Administration & Society Work which include office duties , Registration of patients & phone enquiries
  2. Community Awareness, Relations & Education
    • Assists in organizing Public Awareness Talks / Events & Palliative Care Training program
    • Setting up Exhibition & Information booths
    • Preparation of Information & Education Materials
    • Publicity & Setting up of Care-Giver Workshops
  3. Participate in fund raising projects & activities
  4. Sunshine Program

Volunteers are required to go through a Volunteer Induction Training Program. If you would like to learn more about palliative care and becoming a volunteer, please contact us at

You may find that this is one of the most rewarding activities you have ever undertaken.

As A Palliative Care Nurse – A calling

Palliative care is when the focus changes from curative to quality of life. As such we are all aware that the number  of patients requiring this service is increasing. By providing home care services means the person can spend their last days in the comfort of their own home surrounded by their loved ones.
PPCS gives us the opportunity to journey with this group of patients and  their families. There are many of us out there who want to give back to the community but don’t know how. If you have the calling do join our team together we can make it easier and meaningful for them.
This is not just about nursing, it is about life, it is a specialized and meaningful skill which can be nurtured. It is not all about giving but it also teaches us about life in return. Provides immense professional satisfaction, the more you sow, the more you reap. So come and join us to get that experience. The community needs you.