Home Care program

PPCS provides care and support for patients and their care-givers / families in the comfort of their own homes. The focus of care is on easing pain, controlling other symptoms and providing psychosocial and spiritual support to maximize patient’s quality of life. Care is delivered by an interdisciplinary team comprising doctors, nurses and volunteers such as physiotherapist , pharmacist etc .  The aim of the home care team is to ensure that the patient is made as comfortable as possible so that  the patient’s quality of life is enhanced.

Our Home Care Program is currently focused on patient with advanced cancer and lives within the PPCS coverage area (Ipoh , Kampar ,Tapah, Sungai Siput, Kuala Kangsar, Batu Gajah, Tronoh till Bota), irrespective of race, religion or economic status.

The patient has to be registered with PPCS , preferably with doctor’s referral letter and has a care-givers at home, so that PPCS palliative team can make arrangements for home visit.  Registration can be done by family member at PPCS center. Registration is also allowed to be done via email to admin@ppcs.org.my or Whatsapp to +6017-55302489.

The frequency of visits by the Home Care Team depends on individual needs.

What we do during the home visits include:

  • Pain and other symptoms management
  • Provide nursing care for example insertion / change of feeding tubes, urine catheter etc.
  • Train care-giver on basic nursing care, like home dressing, care of tubes, handling of patients.
  • Understand psycho-social & spiritual issues faced and provide advice, counseling if when necessary
  • Discuss advanced care plan at a suitable time
  • Bereavement support

Sunshine Program

Patients who have a life limiting disease in terms of quantity as well as quality of life, can often feel socially isolated. We encourage them to get out of their homes and be in touch with people who understand their feelings and situation. They need social interaction to improve their quality of life. This also applies to their care-givers and family members.

Sunshine program provides a space and time for therapeutic activities such as craft, music, songs and games which allows them to enjoy some good & fun time. They are also encouraged to share their feelings and stories with volunteers who are trained to empathize.  In a way this is grief counseling in an informal way.

Sunshine hour was introduced since 2008 and is held once a month at PPCS Centre.

After a lapse without sunshine hour program due to Covid Pandemic, Sunshine Hour restarted on 30 November 2022.

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