#becauseimatter – The primary caregiver

The primary caregiver

My husband, the primary caregiver now has the peace of mind to seek part-time work

           Elezabeth was devastated when she discovered she had neuromyelitis, a disease which attacked her nerves and left her paralysed from her waist down.
He husband had to quit his full time job to look after her. Her problem was further compounded by the fact she was extremely overweight.
Before PPCS palliative care team came into her life, she had to be taken to private hospital for medical treatment by ambulance. This transport cost plus other necessary medical costs depleted their financial resources.
Under the care of PPCS, she no longer needed to seek treatment in a private hospital. Her condition is now more manageable and less stressful for her and her husband.
With her husband now working part-time, their financial position is more stable.

Elezabeth a/p SelvaDural
Neuro myelitis