#becauseimatter – Peace & Calm amidst Fears of Uncertainty

Peace & Calm amidst Fears of Uncertainty

           I suffer from Non-small cell carcinoma of lung. I have gone through courses of chemotherapy and pleural aspiration of fluid in my lung.
Both me and my husband appreciate the home palliative support.
We are always looking forward for the weekly visits by the palliative team. They help to alleviate my symptoms, clear my doubts and calmed my fears. We find peace together as we journey through this period. At the same time we are very fortunate to enjoy support from our religious community. I can see that my faith, together with such support, gives me courage to endure; to accept what is happening to me; and to find meaning in my days now.
I believe that palliative care is not just for those nearing end of life but for everyone who suffers from a life-limiting illness.

Mdm Chong Swee Yoong, Angie
Lung Cancer