#becauseimatter – I have regained my mobility

Now that I have regained my mobility, my wish is to be able to travel to Mecca to perform the Haj pilgrimage

           Noor had strong fears and anxieties about being a burden to her family
When she was referred to PPCS , she was bed bound , semi-conscious , unable to communicate and restless. With the care and support from PPCS palliative care team , she progressed from being bedbound to wheelchair bound. Her family members also became more confident to attend to her needs.
With professional care from a PPCS volunteer physiotherapist and an occupational therapist from a public hospital , she is now able to walk again with assistance. She was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude now that she is mobile again. She expresses her wish to be able to perform the Haj pilgrimage in the near future.
For Noor , her quality of life has improved.

Noor Azizuraidah Bt Mohdmmad Ali
Brain Tumour