#becauseimatter – Dignity and Autonomy

Dignity and Autonomy

           My father was diagnosed with advanced heart and kidney failure. I remember the quiet strength my father displayed throughout the days after the diagnosis was disclosed to him. He made his decisions on his treatment options (e.g. no invasive procedure, no active resuscitation) , chose where he wished to spend his last days, and planned his funeral.
As our father and head of the family, he bequeathed his love and deep desire that we remain close knit as a family, and to care for our mother and ourselves, after his demise. As much as he was preparing us for his departure, our father was also putting his life in perspective. By actively engaging in planning, our father was making time for what he valued most in life, i.e., his family, close relatives and his friends.
My father has left such a powerful legacy for us. He chose to know and face his fate. He chose to disclose his wishes to us as a family. He spoke up. By doing so he allowed us to spend his last days as a family, not a lonely dying person.
We love and miss you still, Papa.

Family of Late Chew San @ Chew Sung Leong